27.03.23-31.03.23, Berlin, Humboldt-University


Welcome to the website of FSPM2023, the 10th International Conference on Functional-Structural Plant Models (FSPM2023), taking place in Berlin, Germany, March 27-31, 2023. FSPM2023 aims to gather scientists working in the multi-disciplinary field of plant modelling and its applications. FSPM2023 will target methodological innovations for modelling of 3D-structures at various organization levels of plants, simulation of plant-microclimate interactions, and novel applications in functional-structural plant modelling, centered on questions in plant science, agriculture, horticulture, forestry and ecology.


Of the many applications of 3D plant models, the field of automated systems, like phenotyping platforms, robotics or autonomous greenhouses, is particularly thriving at present. Therefore, we will seek to catch the rapid development in these fields by setting a special focus on "digital plants in automated systems" in FSPM2023. Functional-structural plant modelling can offer information about plant structure and physiological behaviour which is essential for the control of automated systems. The FSPM2023 will therefore bring together functional-structural plant modellers with experts in robotics, sensing, computer vision, artificial intelligence and related disciplines for a joint learning experience and identification of synergies.


FSPM2023 will include the following themes:

  • Functional-structural interactions of plants

  • Crop physiology x architecture under climate change

  • Model-assisted plant phenotyping

  • Cross-talk from cell to ecosystem

  • Plant-to-plant interactions

  • Morphogenesis and cell/organ development

  • Theoretical aspects of plant modeling

  • Links to crop modelling and decision support

  • Ecology and evolution of populations and communities

  • Model parameterization and evaluation

  • New software and latest applications

  • Teaching FSPM

  • Outreach of FSPM community